Accessibility Customer Service Plan & Accessible Employment Standard

As an Ontario organization that employs more than 20 employees, Everlink is committed to complying with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), 2005.

The AODA is an Ontario Statute that allows the government to develop and enforce standards and regulations relating to accessibility for people with disabilities. The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (the Standard) is a regulation under the AODA that sets out certain requirements for customer accessibility that apply to organizations that provide goods and services in Ontario.

In response to the AODA, Everlink has taken the following steps:

1. Created and put in place a plan that:

  • Considers a person’s disability when communicating with them
  • Allows assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers and oxygen tanks
  • Allows service animals
  • Welcomes support persons
  • Lets customers know when accessible services aren’t available
  • Invites customers to provide feedback

2. Trained staff on accessible customer service


3. Put our plan in writing and made it available for download

Click here to download a copy of the Everlink Accessibility Customer Service Plan & Accessible Employment Standard: Small Print | Large Print