Business Development

Everlink has achieved success by following best practices and highly disciplined processes that help the organization to focus on delivering an advanced suite of integrated payment solutions and services while working in close partnership with our clients. Established relationship management disciplines are a standard component of every client partnership engagement.

At Everlink, ensuring client satisfaction is a priority. Everlink designates multiple relationship management personnel to collaborate with client business and operational representatives to ensure that client objectives are achieved and to address items related to the solutions and services provided by Everlink.

The role of the Everlink Strategic Account Manager is to understand each clients’ unique business objectives to ensure that the optimal Everlink solution or service is deployed and configured to meet client requirements. Everlink Strategic Account Managers conduct frequent face to face meetings with client stakeholders to keep abreast of the client’s business and to obtain feedback on Everlink solutions and services.

The role of the Client Service Manager is to provide a single point of contact for Everlink clients for the reporting, prioritizing, tracking and resolution of incidents and work requests. This ensures that client’s expectations are understood and managed and subsequently, Everlink products and services are delivered within these expectations, providing ongoing value. The Client Service Manager is the client advocate when dealing internally at Everlink with the other teams.

The Client Service Manager conducts structured, documented scheduled meetings on a regular basis with all Everlink clients. These meetings are supported by a team of Everlink professional resources that may be required to address production, performance, and future product development requirements.

Everlink is committed to adhering to the following
relationship management principles:

  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Respond
  • Lead
  • Serve

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Bryan Beattie
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