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MARKHAM, ON, MARCH 16, 2016 – Everlink Payment Services Inc. announced today that it has partnered with Connect First Credit Union to bring DebitWear™, their much talked about debit card form factor, to Connect First’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. DebitWear™ is a contactless-only, “wearable” debit card form factor that uses the same EMV and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies currently being used for Interac Flash™ enabled cards. Using this technology as a promotion for contactless payments, Everlink provided customized DebitWear™ bands and active mini-tags that facilitate small value purchases anywhere Interac Flash™ is accepted.

ConnectFirst DebitWear

“We are honored to be a special guest invitee at the Connect First AGM. Deploying Everlink DebitWear™ at their AGM provides Connect First Credit Union a platform to offer their members a leading-edge payments innovation that provides the same functionality and merchant acceptance as a debit card, but in a unique, convenient and engaging form factor” says Mark Ripplinger, President & CEO of Everlink. “As one of the 10 largest credit unions in Canada, it’s great to see Connect First embracing DebitWear™ and Interac Flash™ technology, making payments quick and convenient for their members.”

During its inaugural year, Connect First Credit Union successfully amalgamated the operations of First Calgary Financial and Chinook Financial. Together, the newly created credit union has produced cost efficiencies, developed new growth opportunities for the credit union, and continued to provide outstanding member service.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Everlink and their ability to deliver the Connect First branded DebitWear™ solution to our members at our inaugural Connect First AGM on March 16, 2016,” says Catherine Boynton, Senior Vice President, Information Technology at Connect First Credit Union. “We look forward to future collaborations with Everlink to deliver innovative solutions to our members.”


With DebitWear™ cardholders continue to have the convenience of contactless payments, with all of the security and benefits of EMV, but without the need to insert a card and enter a PIN, which increases the speed and convenience without sacrificing security. DebitWear™ is simply the next evolution of the debit card.

DebitWear - How it Works

Connect First Credit Union offers its members a full range of financial products and services and the branch network of a large financial institution, while retaining its trusted local brands and continuing its community-focused approach to banking. Connect First Credit Union is one of Canada’s ten largest credit unions, with over $5 billion in assets under administration. It serves 100,000 members through 27 branches in 15 communities across southern Alberta, under the Chinook Financial and First Calgary Financial brands. For more information visit connectfirstcu.com.

Everlink Payment Services Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive, innovative and integrated payments solutions and services for credit unions, banks, and independent sales organizations across Canada. In addition to supplying best-in-breed technology infrastructure and payment network connectivity via our well established Payment Network Gateway, we offer a diversified range of integrated payments Lines of Business including: ATM Managed Services, Card Issuance & Management, Fraud Management, Merchant Services and Professional Services.

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