Everlink Interac Flash Issuing


By offering your cardholders the fast, convenient and secure Interac Flash option, you can compete with all major financial institutions and card issuers and profit through improved customer retention and revenue streams.

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Everlink provides two contactless debit card issuance solutions:

Instant Card Issuance (ICI)
ICI is a web-based, turn-key solution for the on-demand issuance of fully personalized EMV chip debit cards. It allows cardholders to directly and instantly create a payment card that is unique to their personal identity, thus ensuring that your card remains top-of-mind and top-of-wallet.

Everlink’s ICI solution is the only one of its kind in use at Canadian financial institutions today.

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Central Card Issuance (CCI)
CCI enables financial institutions to cost-effectively produce single or dual interface EMV cards from a secure central facility, and from there, send them directly to the member/customer or to the branch for distribution.

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*Interac, Interac Flash and Interac e-Transfer are trade-marks of Interac Inc. Used under license.