ATM Express – Outsourcing


Everlink ATM Express is a comprehensive and customizable ATM managed services program designed to maximize the efficiency of client ATM networks and minimize the associated administrative efforts. This end-to-end solution allows you to focus on your core business activities while we provide the expertise and technology required to efficiently support your self-service channel.

By outsourcing your ATM operations to Everlink you will receive clear accountability for service level adherence, access to continuous improvement programs and noticeable efficiency gains.

A Future Proof Solution

In addition to receiving your existing transaction sets and functionality, Everlink ATM Express allows new features and functions to be delivered quickly and cost effectively. These features include:

  • General marketing screens
  • Targeted one-to-one marketing campaigns
  • Remote diagnostics and repair features
  • End-point protection security

Everlink ATM Express also includes the foundation software for the introduction of deposit automation / cheque imaging, as well as video teller assist functionality and cash domination selection.

Clear Upfront Cost Advantage

The initial costs of ATM ownership can be significant. Everlink clients can reduce the upfront financial outlay by leveraging a monthly payment model that allows you to diffuse the cost over an extended period.

By adopting Everlink ATM Express as your managed service model you can relieve your branch staff from much of the work associated with ATM management, resulting in reduced infrastructure and operational investment costs – or at the very least an increased staff focus on your core business.

Additionally, Everlink ATM Express includes an integrated incident management and real-time proactive monitoring platform that can reduce the incidence of fraud and maximize uptime / availability.

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