ATM Incident Management


Everlink ATM Incident Management is the combination of an industry-leading ATM monitoring software solution and the 24/7 support offered by our customer service experts at the National Client Support Centre (NCSC).

This solution provides a single point of contact – through the NCSC – for the capture of ATM fault or other condition messages thereby greatly improving ATM performance and availability. Upon receipt of a message by the Everlink ATM Monitoring system, an alert is created and sent to the NCSC, where it is triaged. After this review, an appropriate course of action is determined and carried out in order to ensure that the ATM is brought back to service in an efficient and timely fashion.

Why use ATM Incident Management?
This solution ensures that our clients’ ATMs are running at optimum availability performance while simultaneously managing expenses from 3rd party service providers. It is designed for clients who have existing relationships with an ATM service provider and wish Everlink to work with them and their ATM service provider in order to manage ATM service responses and availability. This service provides current status of both the ATM service requirements and the status of the resulting service responses, which support and enhance the management and control of ATM servicing.

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*Please note that Everlink ATM Monitoring is a prerequisite for ATM Incident Management.