Central Card Issuance

One-stop shop for complete Payment Card manufacturing and issuance needs

What is Everlink Central Card Issuance?

This product takes the mystery out of EMV card issuance as a designated Everlink Project Manager guides the client through every step of program implementation in a very simplified and easy to understand manner. Every financial institution is unique in terms of its card issuance requirements and Everlink Central Card Issuance seamlessly accommodates such demands without hassle.

How Does It Work?

Everlink leverages its relationship with its contracted providers, which are VISA Inc., MasterCard Worldwide and Interac certified facilities, to offer following suite of services:

  • Chip Sourcing: Latest versions of EMV Compliant micro-chips are sourced with varying configurations based on client’s payment card processing needs.
  • Card Manufacturing: High quality PVC is milled and chip embedded with HiCO magnetic stripe laminated on the back of the card. For Dual Interface cards featuring contactless interface, inlays are embedded within the card layers at this time. Various card security requirements mandated by the Payment Card Associations are taken into account and complied with.
  • Card Creative and Artwork Design: Creative services are available to develop a card artwork from scratch based on client’s visualization and marketing strategy. In the alternative, an existing artwork from the client can be utilized as the image to use during card manufacturing.
  • Card Profile: Everlink will guide the client towards card profile design and personalization based on the card type and the payment schemes that it will support.
  • EMV Data Uplift: Everlink utilizes highly robust and a secure environment, utilizing HSMs, to manage various Issuer Keys that are needed during the EMV Data Preparation process. All that is required from the Issuer is a simple magnetic stripe card order file that it currently uses. This, therefore, requires no changes to its Card Management Host and no extra development costs.
  • Card Personalization: Once the cards have been manufactured, they can be personalized with cardholders’ details and other EMV Data at the time the Issuer wants to issue cards. Scheduled time-slots are reserved for the Issuer on a weekly basis when cards can be personalized on request.
  • Collateral Management: Everlink provides complete and flexible solution for collateral design and printing as an integrated part of Central Card Issuance. The client can either provide its own creative for card carrier, terms and conditions, inserts and any other marketing material to go along with the card package or use Everlink default templates for this purpose.
  • Card Fulfillment: Complete card fulfillment service forms a core function of the Everlink Central Card Issuance Program. From the stage that a card issuance request is received from the client, a sequence of steps are performed that eventually result in a card package that consists of card carrier, inserts, activation stickers, and other slips all nicely inserted into an envelope addressed to the cardholder and ready for mailing.
  • Card Vaulting and Collateral Storage: Everlink provides a secure environment where all pre-manufactured non-personalized cards can be vaulted for subsequent use. Likewise, all collateral material can be warehoused on client request at the card personalization location, thus, offering no additional administrative overheads to the client institution.
  • Card Package Metering and Postage: Card packages once prepared, can be metered and posted through one of Everlink preferred courier or post service providers. Various packages are available to choose from based on the client needs.
  • Card Exception Handling: Exceptions do take place in life and, therefore, Everlink offers a program feature that allows its clients to deal with unexpected events. For example, Card Exception Handling option makes it possible to purge card order entries before processing or destroy cards after personalization but before mailing. Likewise, it is possible utilize premier courier service for VIP cards or utilize Track & Trace service for cards that have not been received at the destination address. Return Card handling is also provided.