Utilizing the latest technology for a new quick way to pay.

DebitWear™ is a contactless-only, wearable debit card form factor that uses the same EMV and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies currently being used for Interac Flash™ enabled cards. Everlink’s innovative DebitWear™ product enables cardholders to pay for smaller value items, quickly and securely, by simply hovering their wristband over a contactless point-of-sale device that supports Interac Flash™.

Payment Convenience

DebitWear™ is ideal for any situation where it may not be convenient to carry a wallet, such as at a:

  • Gym
  • Pool or beach
  • Sporting event
  • Music event
  • Bar or club
  • And much more!

With DebitWear™ cardholders continue to have the convenience of contactless payments, with all of the security and benefits of EMV, but without the need to insert a card and enter a PIN. This increases speed without sacrificing security. Simply put, DebitWear™ is the next evolution of the debit card.

Design & Functionality
The silicone wristband holds an Interac Flash™ enabled mini-tag containing a standard Multos ML4 chip (the same chipset found in Everlink’s dual interface cards). These mini-tags are essentially smaller versions of Everlink’s existing Interac Flash™ enabled debit card, utilizing the same tap-and-go technology and advanced security features.



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