Instant Card Issuance

Offer Instantly Issued & Personalized EMV Chip Debit Cards and Credit Cards to New Members/Customers

What is Everlink Instant Card Issuance?

The Everlink Instant Card Issuance system is a web-based, turn-key solution for the on-demand issuance of fully personalized EMV Chip debit cards in financial institution branches.

As part of the “personalization process”, the Chip itself is personalized and the MAG stripe is encoded. The system will print cardholder data as defined by the financial institution (e.g. card number, cardholder name, the valid date and the card expiry date) onto the surface of a pre-printed card. No embossing is required, but can be accommodated if desired.

  • Enables financial institutions to offer instantly issued & personalized EMV Chip debit cards to their new Members / Customers.
  • For speed and convenience the solution facilitates the immediate issuance of lost, stolen or replacement cards
  • The cardholder has a fully customized and personalized EMV Chip debit card, in less than 2 minutes, which can then be used at ATMs and POS devices worldwide.
How Does It Work?
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance program requires an inventory of pre-manufactured cards to be maintained at the branch with or without the client institution’s artwork pre-printed and with non-personalized EMV Chips. The cards are provided by Everlink through our card bureau partner.
  • The financial institution can determine what portion of a card order is to be delivered to individual branches or the total card order can be sent to a central facility for subsequent distribution to the branches.
  • Everlink will provide printer / encoder recommendations to the client based on their program requirements.
  • Everlink will provide support for the Instant Card Issuance system, telecommunications, the Everlink host / switch and the Card Authorization File (CAF).
  • In order to maintain customer information security and confidentiality, no personally identifiable information, such as PAN, PIN, Expiry Date, Track II Data, etc., will be stored at the branch. All information is stored in the Everlink secured facility, within the Everlink environment.
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance Solution supports Multos contact Chip sets as well as Interac Flash contactless Chips. MasterCard and Visa contactless Chips will be supported in the near future.
  • Card personalization includes dual Application EMV Chip programming for Interac and Cirrus or PLUS applications. Encoding of the MAG stripe with Track I and Track II data is also completed.
Product Benefits
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance Solution serves the needs of financial institutions interested in attracting prospective Members / Customers to open accounts at their establishment.
  • The product enables financial institutions with established branch infrastructures to offer additional personalized in-branch services to their Members / Customers.
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance system is hosted and managed by Everlink. Everlink also hosts the PIN Change server which connects to the Remote PIN Change Station in the branch.