Interac Flash Issuing

The Faster, More Convenient Way to Securely Accept Payment for Small Value Purchases

What is Everlink Interac Flash Issuing?

Interac Flash is a new contactless enhancement of Interac chip debit cards that make every day small value purchases faster and more convenient for both merchants and consumers alike.

By supporting Interac Flash, your cardholders and merchants will be able to participate in a more convenient check-out experience. Merchants will be able to serve customers quicker and reduce costs while cardholders will love the convenience of not having to handle cash and coins.

How Does It Work?

Interac chip debit cards that are enabled with Interac Flash will have this symbol  ContactlessIndicator on the front of the card, as will point-of-sale terminals and card readers that accept them. The cardholder’s chip debit card is equipped with a dual-interface microchip that is capable of both a regular contact chip Interac Debit transaction requiring a PIN as well as Interac Flash contactless transactions.

There are two steps to “doing” an Interac Flash transaction:

  • STEP 1 The cardholder “flashes” their debit card by placing it in front of a contactless terminal or card reader.
  • STEP 2 There should be a flash from the lights on the terminal or reader and beep and/or an approved message on the terminal to confirm that your transaction is complete.

As with other contactless, no signature or PIN required transactions, Interac Flash has spending parameters to safeguard both merchants and the customer.

Product Benefits

Business Decision Drivers: Revenues

  • Incremental transaction volumes from cash displacement
  • Strategic card positioning
  • Acquisition and retention opportunities
  • Amended customer banking plans
  • Market moving towards contactless
  • Cardholder stickiness / retention
  • Consumer demand grows as behavior increases
  • Fraud mitigation – Pinless transactions remove card data capture
  • Fraud savings from removing PIN at QSR and similar high risk POS

Contactless Policy Decisions for Issuers:

  • On/Off Contactless Interface
  • Online Funds Authorization Only
  • No PIN required / No “Cashback” Permitted
  • Per Transaction Contactless Spend Limit
  • Card Total Contactless Spend Limit
  • Account Pre-Selection
  • Canadian Dollars only