Empowering members with personalized mobile control over their debit security.

As the first fraud solution of its kind in Canada, Everlink’s Lock’N’Block™ solution is a mobile card block service that allows cardholders to “Lock” their Interac debit card to “Block” unauthorized or unwanted use through their financial institution’s mobile banking application.

An easy to use, seamless experience for cardholders

To control access to their debit cards, cardholders simply log into their existing mobile banking app and click on the Lock’N’Block™ icon. The screen will then display a page that shows an image of the card(s) they have “Registered” and a toggle to allow them to “Lock” or “Unlock” their debit card. If the cardholder has multiple cards, they will each be displayed with their unique status.


Integration & Technical Information

Lock’N’Block™ is embedded into mobile banking applications that run on iphone and Samsung Android phones. The application can also be used to control access to Everlink’s DebitWear™ contactless debit wristband.

Depending on the capabilities of your institution’s mobile banking application, an SMS alert could be sent to cardholders any time a transaction is “Blocked” while the card is in a “Locked” state.

Empower your members to protect themselves by providing them with complete control of their debit card security. Speak to our business development team today!