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At Everlink, we are proud of the trust and leadership that our team has built with our clients, partners, vendors, and those in the payments and financial industry as a whole. Below is a collection of articles that have featured Everlink’s executives over the years.

5 Best Practices for Managing Your Channel Sales Program
March 17, 2016 – Profit Guide
Phil Hogg, General Manager, Merchant Services is the co-writer for a series of articles featured in Profit Guide called: A Guide to Building Successful Channel Sales Programs. In the article “5 Best Practices for Managing Your Channel Sales Program”, Mark Ripplinger was asked to provide some insight into expanding Everlink’s channel sales program. Read more here:

What Canada’s EMV Experience Can Teach The U.S.
November 17, 2015 – Credit Union Insight
David Hooper, Vice President, Strategy & Innovation was asked to discuss the significant benefits that EMV has brought to Canada’s financial services industry. Read more here:

Technology and Payments – A Look Behind The Hype
June 17, 2015 – KPMG
Mark Ripplinger, President & CEO of Everlink was asked to attend a roundtable, hosted by KPMG, with payments executives from across the banking industry. Read more about their insights here:

In Conversation With Duane Gomes
Canadian Treasurer Magazine – Summer 2014 Issue
Duane Gomes, Vice President of Finance, talks about the changing role of financial executives.
Read more here:

The Evolution of Everlink
Payments Magazine – Sept/Oct 2012 Issue
Mark Ripplinger, President & CEO of Everlink shares how the company has changed in recent years.
Read more here: