Lines of Business Card Issuance & Management

Every financial institution is unique in terms of its card issuance requirements. Fortunately, Everlink is the reliable partner you can count on to ensure these are fulfilled efficiently and cost-effectively. This is because at the core of all Everlink Card Issuance & Management solutions is an organization with a wealth of experience at the forefront of emerging EMV innovations and trends – including contactless payments.

Our comprehensive list of Card Issuance & Management solutions includes:

  • VISA/PLUS Transaction Processing Service

Instant Card Issuance

Offer Instantly Issued & Personalized EMV Chip Debit Cards to New Members/Customers

What is Everlink Instant Card Issuance?

The Everlink Instant Card Issuance system is a web-based, turn-key solution for the on-demand issuance of fully personalized EMV Chip debit cards in financial institution branches.

As part of the “personalization process”, the Chip itself is personalized and the MAG stripe is encoded. The system will print cardholder data as defined by the financial institution (e.g. card number, cardholder name, the valid date and the card expiry date) onto the surface of a pre-printed card. No embossing is required, but can be accommodated if desired.

  • Enables financial institutions to offer instantly issued & personalized EMV Chip debit cards to their new Members / Customers.
  • For speed and convenience the solution facilitates the immediate issuance of lost, stolen or replacement cards
  • The cardholder has a fully customized and personalized EMV Chip debit card, in less than 2 minutes, which can then be used at ATMs and POS devices worldwide.
How Does It Work?
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance program requires an inventory of pre-manufactured cards to be maintained at the branch with or without the client institution’s artwork pre-printed and with non-personalized EMV Chips. The cards are provided by Everlink through our card bureau partner.
  • The financial institution can determine what portion of a card order is to be delivered to individual branches or the total card order can be sent to a central facility for subsequent distribution to the branches.
  • Everlink will provide printer / encoder recommendations to the client based on their program requirements.
  • Everlink will provide support for the Instant Card Issuance system, telecommunications, the Everlink host / switch and the Card Authorization File (CAF).
  • In order to maintain customer information security and confidentiality, no personally identifiable information, such as PAN, PIN, Expiry Date, Track II Data, etc., will be stored at the branch. All information is stored in the Everlink PCI compliant, secured facility, within the Everlink environment.
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance Solution supports Multos contact Chip sets as well as Interac Flash contactless Chips. MasterCard and Visa contactless Chips will be supported in the near future.
  • Card personalization includes dual Application EMV Chip programming for Interac and Cirrus or PLUS applications. Encoding of the MAG stripe with Track I and Track II data is also completed.
Product Benefits
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance Solution serves the needs of financial institutions interested in attracting prospective Members / Customers to open accounts at their establishment.
  • The product enables financial institutions with established branch infrastructures to offer additional personalized in-branch services to their Members / Customers.
  • The Everlink Instant Card Issuance system is hosted and managed by Everlink. Everlink also hosts the PIN Change server which connects to the Remote PIN Change Station in the branch.

Interac® Flash Issuing

The Faster, More Convenient Way to Securely Accept Payment for Small Value Purchases

What is Everlink Interac Flash Issuing?

Interac Flash is a new contactless enhancement of Interac chip debit cards that make every day small value purchases faster and more convenient for both merchants and consumers alike.

By supporting Interac Flash, your cardholders and merchants will be able to participate in a more convenient check-out experience. Merchants will be able to serve customers quicker and reduce costs while cardholders will love the convenience of not having to handle cash and coins.

How Does It Work?

Interac chip debit cards that are enabled with Interac Flash will have this symbol  ContactlessIndicator on the front of the card, as will point-of-sale terminals and card readers that accept them. The cardholder’s chip debit card is equipped with a dual-interface microchip that is capable of both a regular contact chip Interac Debit transaction requiring a PIN as well as Interac Flash contactless transactions.

There are two steps to “doing” an Interac Flash transaction:

  • STEP 1 The cardholder “flashes” their debit card by placing it in front of a contactless terminal or card reader.
  • STEP 2 There should be a flash from the lights on the terminal or reader and beep and/or an approved message on the terminal to confirm that your transaction is complete.

As with other contactless, no signature or PIN required transactions, Interac Flash has spending parameters to safeguard both merchants and the customer.

Product Benefits

Business Decision Drivers: Revenues

  • Incremental transaction volumes from cash displacement
  • Strategic card positioning
  • Acquisition and retention opportunities
  • Amended customer banking plans
  • Market moving towards contactless
  • Cardholder stickiness / retention
  • Consumer demand grows as behavior increases
  • Fraud mitigation – Pinless transactions remove card data capture
  • Fraud savings from removing PIN at QSR and similar high risk POS

Contactless Policy Decisions for Issuers:

  • On/Off Contactless Interface
  • Online Funds Authorization Only
  • No PIN required / No “Cashback” Permitted
  • Per Transaction Contactless Spend Limit
  • Card Total Contactless Spend Limit
  • Account Pre-Selection
  • Canadian Dollars only

Central Card Issuance

One-stop shop for complete Payment Card manufacturing and issuance needs

What is Everlink Central Card Issuance?

This product takes the mystery out of EMV card issuance as a designated Everlink Project Manager guides the client through every step of program implementation in a very simplified and easy to understand manner. Every financial institution is unique in terms of its card issuance requirements and Everlink Central Card Issuance seamlessly accommodates such demands without hassle.

How Does It Work?

Everlink leverages its relationship with its contracted providers, which are VISA Inc., MasterCard Worldwide and Interac certified facilities, to offer following suite of services:

  • Chip Sourcing: Latest versions of EMV Compliant micro-chips are sourced with varying configurations based on client’s payment card processing needs.
  • Card Manufacturing: High quality PVC is milled and chip embedded with HiCO magnetic stripe laminated on the back of the card. For Dual Interface cards featuring contactless interface, inlays are embedded within the card layers at this time. Various card security requirements mandated by the Payment Card Associations are taken into account and complied with.
  • Card Creative and Artwork Design: Creative services are available to develop a card artwork from scratch based on client’s visualization and marketing strategy. In the alternative, an existing artwork from the client can be utilized as the image to use during card manufacturing.
  • Card Profile: Everlink will guide the client towards card profile design and personalization based on the card type and the payment schemes that it will support.
  • EMV Data Uplift: Everlink utilizes highly robust and a secure environment, utilizing HSMs, to manage various Issuer Keys that are needed during the EMV Data Preparation process. All that is required from the Issuer is a simple magnetic stripe card order file that it currently uses. This, therefore, requires no changes to its Card Management Host and no extra development costs.
  • Card Personalization: Once the cards have been manufactured, they can be personalized with cardholders’ details and other EMV Data at the time the Issuer wants to issue cards. Scheduled time-slots are reserved for the Issuer on a weekly basis when cards can be personalized on request.
  • Collateral Management: Everlink provides complete and flexible solution for collateral design and printing as an integrated part of Central Card Issuance. The client can either provide its own creative for card carrier, terms and conditions, inserts and any other marketing material to go along with the card package or use Everlink default templates for this purpose.
  • Card Fulfillment: Complete card fulfillment service forms a core function of the Everlink Central Card Issuance Program. From the stage that a card issuance request is received from the client, a sequence of steps are performed that eventually result in a card package that consists of card carrier, inserts, activation stickers, and other slips all nicely inserted into an envelope addressed to the cardholder and ready for mailing.
  • Card Vaulting and Collateral Storage: Everlink provides a secure environment where all pre-manufactured non-personalized cards can be vaulted for subsequent use. Likewise, all collateral material can be warehoused on client request at the card personalization location, thus, offering no additional administrative overheads to the client institution.
  • Card Package Metering and Postage: Card packages once prepared, can be metered and posted through one of Everlink preferred courier or post service providers. Various packages are available to choose from based on the client needs.
  • Card Exception Handling: Exceptions do take place in life and, therefore, Everlink offers a program feature that allows its clients to deal with unexpected events. For example, Card Exception Handling option makes it possible to purge card order entries before processing or destroy cards after personalization but before mailing. Likewise, it is possible utilize premier courier service for VIP cards or utilize Track & Trace service for cards that have not been received at the destination address. Return Card handling is also provided.

VISA/PLUS Transaction Processing Service

Increase the utilization Rate of ATM assets though flexible VISA/PLUS transaction related fee management and collection.

What is the Everlink VISA/PLUS Transaction Processing Service?

Everlink understands that Credit Unions/Banks are always looking for ways to provide better customer service, increase revenue and reduce cost. The Everlink VISA / PLUS transaction processing service allows clients to increase the utilization rate of their ATM assets while providing much flexibility in managing / collecting VISA / PLUS transactions related fees. This is achievable since Everlink is a VISA / PLUS processor, unlike other service providers which routes VISA / PLUS transactions through MasterCard and the Cirrus Network – at a higher cost.

Product Benefits

VISA / PLUS ATM acquirer transaction processing service

  • VISA / PLUS transactions acquired by client ATMs will be processed and routed to VisaNet
  • Clients who currently only acquire Cirrus transactions can become dual acquirers.
  • Earn more interchange fees revenue*
  • Earn more surcharge fee revenue

VISA / PLUS ATM issuer transaction processing service

  • Everlink clients are now able to choose to become VISA or PLUS issuers and are not restricted to just Cirrus issuing.
  • VISA / PLUS ATM issuer transactions from VisaNet will be processed and routed to client hosts
  • Clients will be able to earn additional revenue through the use of the Optional Issuer Fee (OIF) – which is shared with Everlink in return for compliance work, updating the system, managing clearing and settlement, etc.

Cirrus Optional Issuer Fee

Association Endorsed Opportunity for Issuers to Earn Additional Revenue from Cross-border and Cross-currency Transactions

What is the Everlink Cirrus Optional Issuer Fee?

The Optional Issuer Fee (OIF) is a per-transaction charges that Issuers apply to cardholders who conduct transactions outside of Canada. Simply put, this is an Association endorsed opportunity for Issuers to levy an additional fee to their cardholders for cross-border, cross-currency transactions i.e. transactions taking place outside of Canada in currencies other than Canadian dollars.

Everlink clients will now be able to earn additional revenue through the use of the Optional Issuer Fee (OIF), which is shared with Everlink in return for compliance work, updating the network interface and settlement system and general management of the clearing and settlement process.

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