Message from the President & CEO


January 2016 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

With 2015 having just passed, I am pleased to announce that it was among the most productive and positive years in our corporate history, and the best year ever relative to several of our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)! There’s no more appropriate way for us to usher in the new year than to thank our entire team, our clients, partners, and the many new clients we will soon be welcoming as we onboard dozens of C2C Node credit unions this year, with several more in 2017 and 2018.


To summarize our achievements this past year:

  • Launch of ATM Express, a comprehensive and customizable set of ATM Managed Services.
  • Launch of DebitWear™, our contactless-only, debit card form-factor that uses EMV and NFC technology.
  • Launch of Lock’N’Block, our mobile card lock service.
  • Ownership change with the acquisition of Everlink majority interest by CO-OP Financial Services, opening up the possibility of many new innovations being introduced into Canada, including a Canada-USA wide ATM shared network.
  • Relaunch of our Merchant Acquiring Program.
  • Feature and functionality Enhancements to products/services in all of our Lines of Business, as well as expansion to service and support structures to ensure all of our clients are well supported.
  • Hosting Connections 2015: Partnerships in Payments, our largest and most successful industry event in our corporate history!
  • Leading and participating in the development of Mobile Payments capabilities, ensuring our clients are positioned to be among the very first financial institutions to launch Mobile Payments!
  • Being selected by the credit union Payments Strategy Committee as the recommended Switch for Canadian credit unions. With the decision made by an overwhelming majority of credit unions previously not served by Everlink to convert this year, Everlink’s credit union market share is forecasted to grow from 75% to approximately 94% by the end of 2016!

Over the past 8 years, Everlink has worked tremendously hard to instill an unwavering confidence in those who choose to partner with us. Our successes in 2015 speak volumes to the dedication, commitment and hard work of the entire Everlink Team to make this happen. I encourage you to learn more about this team in our corporate spotlight.


No matter what 2016 has in store, there are two things Everlink can guarantee its clients: the same focus and attention to client-centricity, performance and value that have become hallmarks at Everlink and a continuing commitment to Delivering Payment Innovations, living up to our corporate “tag line”!

The following are a few notable payments innovations and enhancements we are working on to deliver in-market in 2016:

  • Proactive Risk Manager (PRM): Everlink will be implementing the most advanced version of PRM in Canada with real-time scoring, Enterprise / multi-channel monitoring capability and an option to participate in Mobile SMS Fraud Alerts.
  • Mobile Payments: Infrastructure changes to support client participation in Mobile Interac Flash Payments and “Provisioning” (credential creation). Support for generic HCE Android payments and other payment platforms over the next 12 – 18 months.
  • Mobile & Cardless Cash Access at ATMs: Mobile Cash Access is the pre-staging of ATM withdrawals on a Mobile phone while Cardless Cash Access (an Everlink innovation) is using Interac Flash NFC capabilities (from a card or a mobile phone) to initiate an ATM transaction.
  • North-American Surcharge Free Credit Union ATM Network: This is now possible with the participation of Co-Op Financial Services.
  • Lock’N’Block: Integration with Mobile Banking Applications and creation of a stand-alone version, addition of SMS/email confirmations and the addition of several types of blocking options.
  • Card Issuance: Support for Interac Flash™ Interchange, network expansion as per Interac agreements and addition of Credit Card Issuance capability to ICI.
  • ATM Managed Services (AMS) & ATM Express: NCR flavour of ATM Express, surcharging on international cards, Dynamic Currency Conversion, In-Lobby Teller enhancements, deposit automation, US dollar dispensing to non-members (Interac Cardholders) and email/SMS receipts.
  • Square EMV Support for Interac Debit: Working with Square to implement support for Interac Debit Interac Flash™ acquiring for Square devices.


Solutions Series beginning February 4th!
With every product, service and solution that Everlink offers, our goal is to create these to align to our client’s plans and priorities, consistently delivering industry-leading innovations to ensure your financial institution is equipped with the necessary tools to remain relevant amongst a rapidly evolving payments landscape. That said, there is no one-size fits all solution, therefore, I’m happy to announce a new Everlink-hosted monthly webinar called the Solutions Series which will provide you with more in-depth, solution-specific insight and how they can help you achieve your goals. Our first webinar will begin February 4th, which will be hosted by our Merchant Services Team. You can register for the webinar here:

Connection 2016 – Save the Date!
October 17 – 18, 2016
Hilton Hotel – Niagara Falls

It’s never too early to start planning, and we’ve already secured the dates for our next event. In the coming months, we will be releasing more details on what we’ve got in store.
To close out my New Year message to you, I want to once again thank you for contributing to Everlink’s success. Everything we have achieved this year was accomplished with the support of, and collaboration with, our clients and partners. The momentum we established this year is certain to push us to new heights in 2016. Working with you, our clients and partners, Everlink promises to bring world-class payments solutions and innovations to your credit union, bank or ISO, so you can better serve your members/customers. Your success is our goal – the more you succeed, the more we both succeed.

On behalf of the entire Everlink Team, we thank you for your business in 2015 and we eagerly look forward to working with you to ensure that 2016 is yet another successful year for us all.


Sincerest regards,
Mark Ripplinger
President & CEO
Everlink Payment Services