National Node processes chip transactions

Posted on February 9, 2009 · Posted in Press Release

Credit Union Central of Canada Press Release – February 9, 2009

Conexus Credit Union, Everlink Payment Services Inc. and Credit Union Central of Canada (CUCC) are pleased to announce that the CUCC/National Node has begun processing chip card transactions as part of its chip implementation pilot project.

Credit Union Central of Canada has met Interac Association’s certification requirements and is approved to process transactions using chip technology on the shared cash dispensing (SCD) network.

Regina-based Conexus, the largest credit union in Saskatchewan, now has two EMV-compliant ATMs in service and is preparing more as it moves to become the first credit union to migrate to chip-enabled MemberCard debit cards. “I am pleased to announce that Conexus and Everlink successfully processed the first chip card Interac transaction by a Credit Union in Canada,” said Kim Doering, project manager, Conexus Credit Union.

Canadian Central, through the National Node, has been processing transactions from these machines as part of a CUCC/National Node Chip Implementation Program pilot.

“Everlink is grateful to CUCC and Conexus for the confidence they have placed in us, and for providing us the opportunity to deliver our highly reliable and high-performance switching services for the CUCC/National Node EMV Chip Implementation Program pilot,” said Mark Ripplinger, President of Everlink. “In partnership with CUCC, we are committed to delivering the innovative benefits that credit unions will realize in adopting EMV Chip technology. This new EMV end-to-end capability supplied by Everlink and now fully implemented with Conexus, our key client and partner, follows the 2007 Interac certification of Everlink for SCD transactions”.

The CUCC/National Node Chip Implementation Program is aiming to exceed Interac Association deadlines for the introduction of chip and have 95 per cent of cards and 100 per cent of ATMs chip-enabled by the end of 2010.

About Everlink
Everlink Payment Services Inc. based in Markham, ON, is a joint-venture company owned by FIS and Celero Solutions, and is fully compliant and EMV certified with the Interac, MasterCard and Visa associations. Everlink is a recognized leader in the dependable secure delivery of Electronic Transaction Processing services, EMV Chip, Managed ATM Services and Integrated Payment Solutions in the Canadian financial services marketplace. Everlink is the first in Canada to instantly issue a fully personalized, Interac and MasterCard certified EMV Chip card.

About Credit Union Central of Canada:
Canadian Central is the national trade association for the credit union system. It is owned by the provincial Centrals and represents 444 credit unions that have more than five million members and assets of more than $110 billion.

About Conexus:
Conexus is proud to serve the people of Saskatchewan. We are an innovative company offering financial solutions through the credit union, CENTURY 21 Conexus Realty Ltd., Conexus Insurance and CENTUM Canada Mortgage Direct Ltd. Our strength is our belief in Saskatchewan, our ongoing commitment to local decision-making and our ability to offer a complete range of competitive financial solutions.

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